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The more physical health and vitality we have, the more we can create the type of life we want. It is so much easier to be happy when we are full of energy, compared to when we are feeling drained and tired.
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Eating nourishing food provides the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. The body knows which type of food is good for it, if we tune into its wisdom. Unfortunately, many of us are so busy and out of touch with our bodies that we don’t take the time to listen to it. But as a general rule, food that is natural, organic and colourful are very nourishing, such as fruits, berries and vegetables. We also need plenty of healthy fats in order to help nourish our brain and nervous system so it is good to eat plenty of nuts, seeds, olives, avocados and fatty fish.
The body also needs to move, and regular daily exercise is a real energy boost. If your body is in pain, then instead of just taking painkillers, learn to listen to the pain. There is always a reason for the prescence of pain. Often the reason is physical, but at times it may have an emotional cause. Whatever the reason, the main message of the pain is to draw our attention to something, and cause us to listen to what the body really needs.

We offer a variety of treatments to help you experience greater physical health and to help you develop a better understanding of how to improve your inner vitality.

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