Break-Through Coaching

Break-Through Coaching


Break-Through Sessions are very intense coaching sessions where you will go on a deep journey into the deepest part of your mind in order to find the thought patterns, emotions and behaviours that are linked with a particular problem in your life.

Life always brings with it some challenges, that is just part of life. But these challenges become problems for us when we have difficulty learning and growing from them. Therefore in a coaching session we would view every ’problem’ as an opportunity for learning, and the session will be aimed at first finding the structure of the thought and energetic patterns linked with the ’problem’, and then the session will take you through several processes where you start to let go of the problem by finding the positive learnings and insights you need so this ’problem’ can heal and transform.

Once you find these positive learnings you will notice how the old ’problem’ suddenly does not seem like a problem anymore, because your perception of it has changed.

A Break-Through Session is not a panacea that suddenly will take all your problems away. Instead it is an intense journey that requires courage, honesty and a willingness to take responsibility that only you have the power to change your thinking, your perceptions and your experience of life. However, if you are willing to do that, then a Break-Through Session can help you transform ’problems’ into learnings, allowing you to grow in spiritual wisdom, clarity and compassion.

A Break-Through Session usually takes around 7-9 hours, which is divided into 2-4 sessions. These sessions can be face-to-face, or by phone or Skype. Between these coaching sessions you also may get home work to do.


Before you come on a Break-Through Session you need to answer the following questions:

  • If you could have anything from this coaching session, what would it be?
  • What have you now got in your life, that you no longer want?
  • What have you not got in your life, that you now want?
  • Write a short life history, including both negative and positive aspects.
  • What patterns have you noticed in your life?

To answer the following questions I want you to focus solely on the problem you want us to look at during your session.

Questions to find the solution to a problem:

  • How do you know you have this problem?
  • What do you identify as the cause to your problem?
  • Describe what happened the very first time you experienced this problem.
  • Is there a relationship between that first event, and your problem as it is now?
  • What has happened since that first event?
  • Is there a relationship between your problem and your childhood, as well as your relationship with your mother, father, siblings, or any other key figure in your life? (Do them all separately).
  • Ask your unconscious mind, what is the purpose of having this problem in your life, what was the purpose for creating it, and when did you decide to create it?
  • If there were anything your unconscious mind would want you to pay attention to, know or learn so that if you were to do that, your problem would completely disappear, what would it be?
  • What are you pretending not to be aware of yet by having this problem in your life?
  • What is this problem stopping you from doing, because it is in your life?
  • What is this problem allowing you to do, which you like doing, but which you will not be able to continue doing, once your problem disappears?
  • When your problem disappears, there may be something you have to do, which you do not want to do. What is it?

Are you interested? Fill in the form with the answers to these questions (everyone must have answered these questions before being accepted for a Break-Through Coaching Session) and Cissi will then contact you to find a suitable time for your coaching.

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