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The mind is a very powerful tool, but unfortunately many of us don’t receive any training in how to use this tool effectively. During our school education we learn how to use our mind analytically and how to memorise facts, but we don’t learn how to change our thoughts from being negative and fear-based, to instead being loving and positive. That is something that is absent from the school curriculum, but our thoughts have the ability to create.
Train our minds
How can we change this? We have to train our minds to be still. It has been estimated we think around 60,000 thoughts per day, and our thoughts tend to be influenced by our inner state – when we are anxious our thoughts are more anxious, when we are peaceful our thoughts are peaceful. By meditating every day we learn to still our minds so we are able to connect with that peaceful inner place that we all have – a place where we can just be. From this place our natural happiness can flow into all areas of our lives. So meditation is key.
During our life journey we may encounter challenging situations and sometimes these may be too difficult for us to handle. What the mind then does is that it suppresses the emotions, thought patterns and energy that was present in this situation – it literally pushes it deep into the unconscious mind so we don’t have to feel it anymore. The mind does this to protect us, but unfortunately this also creates an inner wound within us.
the mind then does is that it suppresses the emotions
Our inner wounds need to be healed. We have to journey deep within the unconscious mind to identify the thought patterns, emotions and energy that is there. We can then bring this up to a higher awareness in order for us to find the insights and learnings needed for healing to occur. When we do this, our wounds become our gifts; gifts of wisdom that we are able to use to connect us more fully with life and to share with others. But we can only receive the gift once we have healed the wounds.

In order to help you do this we offer different types of coaching – Inspired Wellbeing Coaching, Break-Through Coaching and Soul Retrieval combined with coaching – that helps you heal the deeper aspects of your unconscious mind, as well as helping you connect with your own higher awareness and spiritual wisdom.

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