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Our soul is that part of us that never dies, that is able to carry all the insights and the lessons of the past and will carry all these into the future. Our soul is unique to us and, at the same time, it is connected to the whole of the Universe. When we feel loving we are connecting with our soul because our soul is love. Our soul is a divine being and it has chosen to incarnate in this body, in this life-time in order to evolve, grow and develop.
Soul carry all the insights and the lessons of the past
In order to do this it may need some challenges, in the form of difficult situations and cirumstances. This challenge becomes like a dense darkness and when we allow ourselves to move through this challenge, remembering we are love and light, we then develop even more light. As Paramahansa Yogananda said:

”The only difference between a piece of coal and a diamond is the pressure that’s been exerted on it.”

In other words, we polish our inner diamond when moving through our challenges with love, wisdom and awareness. As we do this we start to shine from an inner light.
However, life here in this physical reality can be difficult at times, and we may get stuck in worry, fear and anxiety. This stops us feeling our connection with our soul and we then feel very lonely and isolated. If we also experience a trauma, then according to Energy Medicine, a part of our soul may disconnect from our body and this may lead to symptoms such as sadness, fatigue, apathy, confusion and a feeling of emptiness.
Connection with our soul
Soul journey through life is to heal
Our journey through life is to heal all of this. As we do, we will once again connect more fully with our soul which allows us to enrich our lives with our soul’s unique gifts and dreams. These gifts and dreams do not belong to us, they are meant to flow through us and gifts to the world.

In order to help you heal your connection with your soul and with yourself we offer treatments in Energy Medicine, as well as Soul Retrieval combined with coaching.

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