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Spiritual Medicine

This book shares deep spiritual wisdom helping you to connect more fully with your Souls divine guidance and wisdom. It administers 7 Spiritual Medicine Potions that will provide the foundation for a deep inner peace to flow like a healing balm into your life. This inner peace will enable you to hear, see, feel and understand your Souls guidance more clearly.

Here you can listen to various meditations recorded by Cissi Williams.

Do the following morning meditation every day to assist you in the book’s coaching programme.

Healing Morning Meditation (19 minutes)
Do the meditation below 1-2 times per week. It is a deeply healing meditation and will assist especially with deepening the lessons laid out in the book’s Spiritual Detox Plan.
Journey to Your Sacred Sanctuary (57 minutes)
This meditation helps you surrender all your fears and attachments. This helps you let go of the ego’s hold on your life, so you instead can let your Soul guide you, enabling you to heal your life and create the life your Soul wants you to live. (As in the book Transformational NLP but can also be used in conjunction with the book Spiritual Medicine).
Spiritual Medicine by Cissi Williams
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